St. Collen’s Bell Tower

On behalf of St. Collen’s Church I write to advise you of our proposal to carry out fairly extensive remedial works on and within the bell-tower of the church. Some of the work is to repair degradation that has occurred over time and some to improve safety within the tower and also to improve the electrical supply and heating in the ringing room.

The work on repairing the slate surrounds to each clock-face, repainting and re-gilding of the dials as well as the repair and redecoration of the louvres on four sides, necessitates scaffolding the tower on all four sides. Public safety will be given due consideration and it may transpire that the footpath from the Church Street entrance will be closed or diverted for about a week. If so notices will be posted in advance and suitable signage arranged at the time. Some repointing of the masonry at high level will be carried out.

Within the tower the work will include improving safety handrails in various locations, installing a safety barrier and notices adjacent to the clock-room trapdoor, reporting on and improving the electrical installation, cleaning and painting the cast iron bell-frames, cleaning and painting the clock-room, cleaning and painting the ringing-room, installing electric heating in the ringing-room, upgrading the lighting throughout, repairing the roof-mounted louvres and replacing the flagpole.

The work should take about 8-10 weeks and should not interfere with the running of the church and there should be minimal disturbance to our neighbours.

It is the church’s policy to keep our neighbours informed of developments in and around the church and we will be issuing further notices and bulletins including electronic media in order to keep people fully appraised. If you have any queries about our proposed work please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned who will be pleased to assist you.

Yours faithfully,


D.P. Galloway

Facilities Manager, St. Collen’s Church, Llangollen LL20 8HL.  Tel. 01978 861768. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.