Terms and conditions of hire of St. Collen's Community Hall

  1. Hirers are responsible for ensuring that the Hall is appropriate for the intended use.
  2. The hire of the Hall does not entitle the hirer to use or enter the Hall at any time other than the specific hours for which the Hall is hired unless prior arrangements have been made with the Bookings Secretary.
  3. For regular use of the Hall a key deposit will be imposed - refundable upon return of key on termination of use.
  4. The hirer shall be responsible that the Hall is kept in good order during the hire period.
  5. One month's notice of termination of use to be given by either side. The Hall Committee may cancel any hiring at any time if the Hall is required for the purpose of any Church meeting or other Church activity. Whenever possible adequate notice will be given, however the Hall Trustees shall not incur any liability to the hirer whatsoever other than for the return of any charge paid in respect of such cancelled hiring. The hirer must give 14 days’ notice on any occasion when the Hall is not required for an activity.
  6. In the event of the Hall or any part thereof being rendered unfit for use for which it has been hired the Hall Trustees shall not be liable to the hirer for any resulting loss or damage whatsoever.
  7. The Hall Trustees cannot be held responsible for any loss, damage, injury or penalty incurred to any property or persons during the period of hire. Cars and their contents are left in the adjacent pay and display car park at owners' risk.
  8. The hirer shall indemnify the Hall Trustees in respect of the cost of repair of any damage done to any part of the premises including the curtilage thereof or the contents of the building during or as a result of the hiring.
  9. The hirer shall be responsible for making arrangements to insure against any third party claims which may arise whilst using the Hall. Private Party organisers are advised to check their household insurance to ensure that third party liability extends to cover their event.
  10. The hirer shall, where the premises are to be used by children, comply with the Church's Child Protection Policy (copy available on request) or with the Government's guidelines set out in the document Safe from Harm. The hirer shall be responsible for the safety of children in the accommodation and ensure that they are kept safe from harm at all times during the hire period.
  11. The sale of alcohol on the premises is prohibited, unless a licence has been procured.
  12. The Hall is a "No Smoking Area".
  13. The hirer shall ensure that any electrical appliances brought by him/her onto the premises and used there shall be safe and in good working order and used in a safe manner.
  14. Hirers must familiarise themselves with the location of all exits, emergency exits and fire extinguishers. No exits may be blocked, chairs or obstructions placed in corridors, or fire appliances removed or tampered with.
  15. Details of any accident or incident occurring which did or could give rise to injury or illness must be reported in the Accident Book. Record details of the accident and also details of any witnesses, apparatus etc. involved. This must be done as soon as possible and in all cases within 24 hours. Any apparatus or equipment involved by law must be retained for inspection.
  16. The Accident Book is located in the ground floor kitchen.
  17. Storage and use of notice boards is at the sole discretion of the Hall Committee and must be negotiated with the Bookings Secretary.
  18. No advertisements, bills, flags emblems or other decorations shall be displayed inside or outside the Hall without the previous written consent of the Bookings Secretary who shall have absolute discretion to withhold such consent. No bolts, nails, tacks, screws, bit pins or other like objects shall be driven into any part of the Hall nor shall any placards or other articles be affixed thereto.
  19. The hirer shall at the expiration of the period of the hiring leave the Hall in a clean and orderly state.
  20. Private Party Bookings. All rubbish and food etc. must be taken away from the premises by the hirer.
  21. The Hall Trustees reserve the right to refuse admission to any person or persons at their absolute discretion.